Baby Boo~~ (Season 2) [Chapter 34] (Ending)

–Just You and Me, Baby–


You’re my only one way..

Only for you – I am thankful that I’m next to you..

You’re the only one babe..

You taught me love in this harsh world..

I am happy with you alone..

Heaven, heaven, heaven, heaven, heaven.. (2x)

If we’re together we will never cry, never never cry..

Heaven, heaven, heaven, heaven, heaven.. (2x)

Forever, together – never gonna be alone..

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Baby Boo~~ (Season 2) [Chapter 28]



The song we used to listen together..

The movie we watched together, the street we used to walk together..

It has been one Year ago – missing those times already one year ago..

On snowy days like this, I take out the memories of you that I have forgotten..

One year ago, already one year ago..

Do you remember those times?

(Hyunseung(Beast) & Eunji, Namjoo(A-Pink) – One Year Ago)

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