Baby Boo~~ (Season 2) [Chapter 8]

–What Should I do?–


What should I say?

What face should I make?

Won’t my turned back look too in pain?

Should I cry and cling on?

Should I show my weak side?

I’m afraid of seeing you from far away..

(Jung Joon Young – The sense of ending)

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Baby Boo~~ (Season 2) [Chapter 6]

–Ill Do Anything For You Baby–


I’ll do anything for you baby – I understand how you feel..
You’ll do anything for me baby, I’m so thankful for your heart..
Baby, trust me, if I wasn’t confident, I wouldn’t even say this..
Show me your heart a little more so I can trust you..

I’m not joking, this is real, if we can love, let’s go anywhere..
You’ll be surprised at how big it is, even I think it’s amazing..
When I hug you, I feel like I have the whole world, if I lose you, I feel like it’ll all be over..
I put you in everything and even serious trouble doesn’t seem like a big deal..

(Yong Jun Hyung ft G.Na – Anything)

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Baby Boo~~ (Season 2) [Chapter 5]



Baby I’m sorry even now you’re here I’m lonely..
I’m so selfish, I ain’t worthy of your heart..
Wait here, and watch me walk away..
I’m sorry, here’s the ending to our story..
When we’re close I still feel like we’re worlds apart..
I can’t stay, cause with you baby..
I’m so lonely..

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